by Viktoria Kolodii


Have you ever realized that Istanbul is the only city in the world located on two continents, Asia and Europe or that our famous Santa Claus was born in Demre on Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast?

These and other interesting facts about Turkey and its nation, you can find out reading my article.

For those who enjoy finer things in life, travel to Turkey will definitely be the best option.

The biggest and the most culturally diverse market, ancient traditions of cooking and hot springs by the sea make Turkey such a special resort for tourists.

This country provides 70 % hazelnuts from all around the world. You can be sure that the nuts in your favorite chocolate bar were most likely grown in Turkey. This country is perfect mix of tradition and modernity and has a lot to offer to every traveler: fantastic resorts with luxurious five-star hotels, superb beaches and enchanting countryside.

Furthermore, Turkey has the richest maritime history among other countries. Today there are hundreds of scuba diving areas being protected by Turkish government.

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is a place where the noisy chatter of the crowd is typical. This is a 540 year-old market of 64 streets, 4000 shops, 22 entrances and 25,000 workers. You can meet there brightly-dressed merchants selling and catering for everything you wish. You can find there so many different smells: the aroma of freshly ground spices, exotic fruits and vegetables, seafood and meat, all mixed with a mouth-watering fragrance of fresh meals cooked out-doors.

A rich tradition of Turkish cuisine is popular throughout the world. It includes a wide variety of hot and cold hors d'oeuvres known everywhere as ,,mere’’, a large selection of grilled meats (kebab), seafood, stuffed and wrapped vegetables (dolma), savory pastries (borek), dishes with olive oil and butter as well as wide variety of desserts, i.e. among Turkish baklava, helva, kadayif and puddings.

Only after meeting with Bektash Musa, Turkish native speaker were I convinced how charming Turkey can be. Musa lives in Adana. This is the fifth most populous city in  southern Turkey. It is situated by the Seyhan River, 30 km from the Mediterranean Sea. People in Adana are well known  for their bravery, honesty and generosity. Except Turkish you can also meet there Kurdish and Arab nations.

The thing that couldn’t leave visitors indifferent is the Taşköprü, a 4th-century Roman bridge. This structure is famous for theater performance called ,,Altin Koza’’, which takes place in September every year. In that day theatrical groups from all over the world arrive in order to show exquisite exhibitions and fascinating costumes. There  are a lot of games and acrobatic shows during one month.

What’s more, you can also visit Büyük Saat (The Great Clock Tower), the tallest clock tower in Turkey rising 32 m (104.99 ft) high. 

You shouldn’t miss the chance to taste local Turkish cuisine. Let me tell what you should try.

First of all, special dish - Adana Kebab. This is spicy, minced and fried meat (usually lamb meat), which is served with onion salad, well-chopped tomato salad or boiled vegetables. Turkish prefer to eat that for a lunch and for a dinner.

Vegetable dishes are also popular in this city. Except the tomato paste, a pepper paste is used in almost every dish. Given the choice, try Şırdan without hesitation. It’s a kind of home-made sausage stuffed with rice and eaten with cumin or paça, boiled sheep's feet. The most appropriate drinks to these dishes are  bicibici  made from jellied starch, rose water and sugar, served with crushed ice, and  Şalgam made with juice of red carrot pickles, salted, spiced, and flavored with aromatic turnip (çelem).

What will make your visit to Adana unforgettable is Adana State Theater. Currently, Town Theater performs weekly at the Metropolitan Theater Hall and also hosts Town Chorus and community theater, folklore and concert performances. Seyhan Town Theater and Seyhan Folkloric Dances are performed weekly at the Theater Hall of Seyhan Cultural Center.

With so much to offer, a journey to this city is really not to be missed. It’s a brilliant experience to know something new, so all aboard and full steam ahead for the dream of a lifetime!