The history of ESN in Poland begun in 1998, when the first section was established at the Medical University of Warsaw. At the same time, students from other cities noticed the need of creating a student organization, that would promote student exchange among Poles and would provide integration and support for Erasmus students. Informal groups of students were formed at more and more universities. Their goal was to create a framework for cooperation between students coming to Polish universities and locals.

Simultaneously with the activity in sections, Artur Orłowski (President of ESN SGH Warszawa) and Michał Zasada (President of ESN Gdańsk) started independently of each other developing the assumptions concerning the establishment of cooperation between sections on a national level. The idea of first national meeting of ESN sections (National Platform) has arisen and eventually event took place in Gdańsk (09.05.2003 - 11.05.2003).
The discussions regarding the proposal of ESN SGH Warszawa about creating ESN Poland Association has begun. Although, after the exchange of opinions between section representatives, the decision of creating the Association has been postponed. However the first nationwide projects were established:

  • ESNcard - an idea of ESN SGH Warszawa, which together with similar initiatives in Italy and Austria, became a basis for the pan-European implementation of this project in 2004. 
  • ESN Travel - an idea of ESN Gdańsk, which provided a database created by sections with their planned trips included the prices for students from other cities.
  • Tandem - an idea of ESN SGH Warszawa, a platform for the exchange of information between the people who are willing to teach a foreign language in exchange for learning another one.

During the next National Platform in October 2003 in Kraków, because of Michał Zasada's initiative, it was decided to start working on the Statute of the future Association.

At present ESN Poland consist of 34 sections and 2 candidate sections working in all major academic centers in Poland. List of sections.