Local Education Officer

Local Education Officer is a member of ESN UMCS Lublin, interested in higher education, youth and mobility. This is a volunteer who has a great knowledge about Erasmus+ programme and is ready to share it and answer all students’ questions. Education Officer works closely with the International Student Office and is officially recognized by his/her University.

Responsibilities of the LEO:

  • Providing assistance to students going / planning to go for a scholarship within the Erasmus + programme, responding to student’s general enquiries,
  • Running promotional campaigns about Erasmus+, studies and internships,
  • Students liaison in terms of rights and obligations airising from the Erasmus Student Charter and full academic recognition,
  • Organisation of informational meetings, mobility fairs and information points to promote educational mobility of students,
  • Promotion of PRIME, STORY project, ErasmusIntern.org platform and ESNSurvey

Should you have any questions concerning Erasmus+ programme, studies and internships, please get in touch with our Local Education Officer: leo.umcs@esn.pl