Hi folks! Here we have got some tips about how to get to Lublin, from Warsaw’s Airport.

1. You landed in Warsaw, PL, you need to realize that Erasmus begins and it will be the best time of your student’s life!

2. Now you should go to the bus station next to the Palace of Culture and Science or railway station Warszawa Centralna. To get there you can catch a train that goes from Chopin’s Airport every 20 min and it goes directly to Warszawa Centralna railway station. Anyway you can take a cab, it is up to you.

3. OK, you are in Warszawa Centralna railway station. If you want to go to Lublin by train, go inside and simply buy a ticket for the train. All the schedules are here: http://rozklad-pkp.pl/bin/query.exe/en?

4. But if you decided to go by bus station near Palace of Culture and Science you just need to cross the street, then you will see the Palace. The bus station is right behind it, near Złota street. It is obligatory to book a seat few days before, ask your mentor to help you with that.

5. So, about 3 hours passed by and you are in Lublin! Now probably your biggest problem is… where is my dormitory? Don’t worry it is in the academic campus.

6. Firstly you should buy a ticket. If you haven’t got student’s ID you must buy normal ticket – 3,2 zł. You can buy it in a kiosk or in the machine. You can buy it in the bus as well, but remember, it’ll be more expensive - 3,6 zł. After getting to the bus don’t forget to validate your ticket in the machine inside the bus! Useful tip: ENG: NORMAL TICKET, PL: BILET NORMALNY.

7. If you went to Lublin by bus. You’re now in main bus station. You should find a castle right now because your bus stop is on the opposite side of the street then the castle is. If you managed to find it try to catch those buses: 31 or 10. The name of bus stop you need to leave the bus in is ‘UMCS’.

8. If you went by train. Take a trolley number 150. Your bus stop is right in the front of the railway station. You need to leave this trolley in ‘KUL’ bus stop. Then you can catch bus nr 26, 31 or 10 and leave it on the next bus stop or you can go by on foot to the Sowińskiego street, then down the road and after 5 min you’ll be next to the UMCS bus stop.

9. You are in the UMCS bus stop, behind it there are dormitories (in alphabetical order). Just remember the name of yours and you’re home!

10. All schedules:
- trains: http://rozklad-pkp.pl/bin/query.exe/en
- buses in Warsaw: http://www.ztm.waw.pl/index.php?l=2
- buses in Lublin: http://mpk.lublin.pl/en/