THAT NIGHT you will have a chance to learn SIGN LANGUAGE alphabet or Polish sign language as a part of ESN's Exchange Ability project!

ESN UMCS Lublin and Le'Żak invites to to take part in an unusual project which allows you to learn sth new but at the same time give sth in reverse! :)


The main idea of Tandem project is ‘language for language’, which means that you can learn any language you wish in return of teaching your own language. What’s more, you can learn about foreign culture and make friends with foreign students. The best thing is that it’s everything for free! The only effort you make here is teaching either you...r mother language or the language you know well, which is a great fun!


Give it a try! To apply, please fill in the form and... see you there!

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Formularz PL:
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If U have questions this email will be helpful: