There is a party after the Oscars. There is a party after the Grammys. There was a party (not one probably) when Prince George was born. There was a party after Heracles (Hercules if you’re Italian) had done his 12 labours. Ok, we’re not 100% sure about that one, but we’re certain that Greeks love to have a good time :). And like every Olympics tournament has to end with celebration, so will all you Herculeses and Achilleses and Coroebuses (check Wikipedia) have your chance to celebrate the victory of ESNOlympics. 
There will be cake and champagne for the winners, cause you’re no worse than real Olympics ones! So pass the torch of good news and gather in legions!


►start 21:00
►free entrance
►Silence Club, Radziszewskiego Street, no. 8
►20% refund on 0,5l Tyskie beer, 0,5l vodka and coffee with ESNcard (contact Irena Pater on fb)
►there will also be a karaoke night on Tuesday! :)