You have a unique opportunity to visit vaults of the brewery, get to know how exactly the proccess of the beer production looks like and taste the result of it.

Perła – Browary Lubelskie is currently one of the biggest producers of beer in Poland. Perła Brewery on Bernardyńska Street is the monument of Lublin's industry. 
It was actually a monastery. In 2014 in order to breath new life into the old buildings and post production rooms, the vaults of Perła Brewery were made accessible for tourists. 

During the guided tour we get to know the hisotry of the place as well as events and people connected to it. We learn how the whole production proccess goes and what ingredients do we actually need to create an excellent beer. 
Last but not least the tour is concluded with a beer tasting in an exceptional room that used to be a lagering cellar of the brewery

When: 9.06 (Thursday) at 4 p.m
Meeting Point: Chatka Żaka
What: → visit to the brewery
→ guided tour
→ beer tasting