The best place to be at Sunday afternoon? Park Ludowy of course! :P Spend your free time actively with ESNers and your friends. We gonna play do some fun activities and have a whole lot of fun together in a framework of ESNOLYMPICS! 

We also gonna show you ( and teach you) the moves of our ESNDance so that we'll be able to dance it all togheter! :)

The best time of the year has just began! The city turned green and the weather is perfect for going out and chilling in the fresh air!

When: Sunday 8th of April, at 15 pm
Meeting Point: Chatka Żaka
Where: Park Ludowy 
What: -fresh air activities 
- Moving your butt
- dancing ESNDance

If you have any question feel free and text our coordinator of ESNOLYMPICS - Agata Gizka ;)