Hey Guys!
On Monday we are planning to repeat watching a movie together ;)
Yet this time we will have some more polish movies, or if U have a proposition of what do U want to watch, write to us.

Feel the magic of the cinema with us, sit comfortably and have some popcorn to fully enjoy !

Grzes dormitory
Monday 9th of May, around 8pm (20:00)

For more information, contact Natalia Kowalczyk

We give you a choice, what do you want to watch :

First proposition «Gods »

A story based on the facts from a life of professor Zbigniew Religa, a famous Polish cardiosurgeon. Religa performed the first successful heart transplant in then communist Poland in the 1980’s; he was the father of human organ transplantation in the country. It’s a portrait of an extraordinary human being, full of emotion and far from any embelishment, who dared to challenge the existing rules under extremely adverse and difficult circumstances.

Or our well known polish comedy « Och Karol 2 »
Summary :
Charles (Piotr Adamczyk) has it all. Great earns, is the best employee of a large company, drives a sports car and has a beautiful house, where every day waiting for him even more beautiful bride Maria (Małgorzata Socha). It's charming, loves sex, and women enslaved in the blink of an eye. Well aware that women like and delight uses the benefits. In addition to the bride has three mistresses

or "Boys don't cry"
Teenagers in modern Warsaw: Kuba Brenner wants to become a violinist. Kuba wants to help his very shy friend, Oskar, to meet some girls. Through a series of complicated (and very humorous) accidents, Kuba finds himself in the middle of a meeting of the local Polish Mafia.
Events go from bad to worse for Kuba when some men attempt to rob the gangsters: shots are fired, and two of the bandits, Grucha and Bolec, are wounded