Imagine that suddenly all the light in the world turn off...

Unique experience... an amazing, interactive journey into the world of total darkness... Try the ability to survive without sight, through which we receive most of the information about the world surrounding us. Exercise your sensitivity. Sharpen other senses... Discover the possibilities hidden in touch, sound, smell... Feel the world from a different perspective. On this show blind or visually impaired will take you on a journey that will change your life in one day..

INVISIBLE EXHIBITION - You have to touch this!

Then something about Poland -> Not boring museum, also we will see the castle and old town!
It's the best chance to visit the capital city of Poland.
We will have the private bus! Only for us!

WHAT: Trip to Warsaw to visit the Invisible Exhibition
WHEN: 26.03.2017 AT 7:30 
PRICE: 25 zł for the exhibition + about 40 zł for the transport (we will buy one group train ticket) + some money for the dinner (we book tables in a restaurant for the whole group)

65+ zł