Hey Erasmus people!

Before you really start with the craziest school year of your life, let's party like the locals do - and that's f*cking hard! ;)


Guided party tour where you get drunk in popular pubs, bars and clubs, while having fun with other Erasmus people. In other words: local party guides will take you too the hottest "pre drinking" places (that are also cheap!) where you will party like there is no tomorrow.


BUCKET LIST (items you will be able to check after the Pub Crawl)
- see all of your schoolmates drunk
- get tutors drunk
- get to know the best bars in the Student Camp
- see where are your party boundaries
- see if your condition is good

Let's crawl through UMCS campus together!!!

We will show you cool and cheap bars, where we will get drunk while playing drinking games. We're gonna create a few groups of you. Every single team will get paper with the rules of game. You have to go to three bars (the tasks will be on the paper). Each location means at least 1 shot or one beer! If everyone from your team will drink something, you will get next task from the waitress/barman. Three prompts from three bars will create the name of the last bar - your destiny. The team who will be first in the last (4th) bar and will explain what the name of it means, will get the small gifts. Furthermore the team which record the funniest video from the pub crawl will be awarded as well.

4 awesome locations in the Student Campus of UMCS in Lublin and delicious polish beer are waiting for you! :)