Time to go crazy!

This Saturday we offer you an extreme experiences of ASG gaming! 

ASG is a military sport similar to paintball, but way more realistic! Real guns’ replicas using plastic bullets instead of sharp ammunition guarantee absolutely realistic conditions and kickassing emotions! Grab the gun in your hands, load it and run to defeat your enemies! 

BASIC PRISE - 30zł includes: 
- uniform, AK-105 replica (modern Kalashnikov), 
- security glasses, full magazine (500 bullets).

Reloading the magzine with next 500 bullets costs 10zł

Adviced money supplies that you should take is at least 40zł (or more if you’re Rambo and wanna go totaly crazy! :D)

We'll be also collecting money for meals and drinks that we provide during this event: 10zł/person.

Payment already at the place of event.

We meet as always in front of Chatka Żaka, 9.00 am.

Becouse of the limited number of equipment that we'll be able to use, we close the list of participants of this event at the moment when we reach the number of 40!! 
Do not hestitate, join the event before the list gets full! 

The place of gaming is located in forest, that we’ll reach by public transport busses, so prepare bus tickets if you don’t have them!