There are a few committees in ESN UMCS Lublin section: PR team (including translation team), FR team, HR team.

Apart from our regular meetings, where we not only discuss the projects, but also work on them, there are workgroups created to make our work more effective and provide new experience for members who want to work up their interests.

The main tasks of PR team include:

Promoting projects of our section,
Conducting promotional campaigns,
Creating posters (graphic and content),
Sharing the information about events to our partners,
Establishing cooperation with new partners,
Designing and ordering promotional gadgets for our section,
Running ESN UMCS Lublin website, facebook fanpage, instagram and snapchat accounts!

Translation team is meant for students who would like to gain experience in translation.  It's a great opportunity to practice your skills! We need English, Spanish and Turkish speakers to translate our Facebook announcements as well as to help us during the live events. Other language speakers are welcome as well!

If you join the FR team, you will gain a lot of experience in working with our partners. You will gain the soft skills needed for negatiating and more!

HR team members take care of good integration of our members :)

Do you want to be a part of any of the groups? -> Contact our current HR board member ( or our current President ( and join ESN UMCS!