Lublin is the biggest city located on the east of Poland, 161 km on south from capital city Warsaw and 269 km on north from beautiful Krakow. This place is full of historical places and magical legends. Adorable old town with little antique streets and buildings full of nice restaurants, pubs, museums and galleries with old castle is the main point of this city. In this city history and modernity goes hand in hand.

Lublin is one of this cities called “perfect for students.” Each year lives here about 100 thousands students which is about 25% of city population. For this reason the city is very well prepared for its citizens. You can choose in plenty of pubs bars and discos full of yang people. Central point of students live is Maria Curie Sklodowska University campus. Young people study, live and have fun in the same place. Main buildings of University are surrounded by residence halls and cheap restaurants and pubs. In spring squares and lawns are full of students making barbecue and spend time outside. In Lublin like in most of polish cities Erasmus students have special care. In this city we have two sections of Erasmus Students Network-on University of Maria Sklodowska Curie and on Technical University of Lublin.

If you like sports in this city you won’t be bored. You can participate gyms, sports halls, dancing class, yoga or just running thru the city on beautiful streets. Great thing about Lublin is artificial lake to called Zalew Zemborzycki. You can swim there, make bicycle trips around it, do kayaking, surfing, fishing and many more. In the winter you may try to sky. It’s possible thanks of tree ski slope which are located 1 hour away from Lublin. You can borrow equipment there. Ice skates are also very popular. Raiding on is possible in many places in Lublin.

One of important aspect for students in Lublin is that the prices here are very cheap. Renting a single room in students flat in the center is around 600 zlotys (150 euro), bus card for month is 46 zlotys (12 euro), entrance to party 15 zlotys (3 euro), gym card about 100 zlotys (25 euro) If you want to travel all over the Europe during your Erasmus now it is easier than ever. Since December 2012 Lublin has own airport witch cheap airlines like Wizzair and Ryanair.

Spirit of Lublin is waiting for you. It’s spirit of old history and a good relationshipe with students. Magic of this place has encouraged alredy a lot of students. They met a place where developing city doesn't forget about its old parts. Trying to keep it in its famous and glory.